Elite Creature Collectibles was conceived with the idea of collectibles created by creature fans for creature fans.


Spearheaded by award winning makeup FX Artist and Creature Designer Steve Wang whose credits include Predator, gremlins 2, Hellboy, Underworld 1&2, Blade Trinity, and many more, each collectible piece whether it's a life size bust, 1:3 scale maquette or an original design collectible, is personally supervised and art directed by Steve himself, making sure it meets the movie standards and museum quality Steve is famously known for.


Here at Elite Creature Collectibles WE SIMPLY LOVE CREATURES and we have one simple mission, to make the coolest, affordable creature collectibles available on the market. We do not choose our licenses based on what's popular or mainstream. We choose to license characters that we personally love. And we know there are enough hardcore creature fans out there that share our love for these characters as well.


We take special care in designing the perfect presentation to display our pieces and we are proud of our workmanship. We want our collectibles to make every collector feel like they've acquired something unique and special. Something worthy of being called Elite!